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Lapel Pins & More has been in continuous business since  1985 when founder, Sid Leluan, created an alternative and cost-effective resource for sports teams to buy their pins and medals.  

Having been a Mason almost 5 years prior, he was asked on many occasions to provide that Fraternity with like savings and a trusted source, he accepted the challenge after much thought on the prospect of how others would accept his involvement and his zeal for the financial security of his family by selling to his "brothers and sisters".  He has performed well in the balance of his involvement and professionalism.

Lapel Pins & More sells all over the world.  Having bonafide resellers, distributors and wholesalers in countries like, England, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and others being added annually to afford the world the opportunity of the finest quality masonic goods and regalia without the compromise of making it too cheaply.  We strive to make the best quality, not the most profitable.  It has worked well for our integrity.

Where others buy from third parties, Lapel Pins & More design, commission and create their own dies and molds from which their inventory is made.  They control more than 98% of their own inventory.  Such dedication to the high standard and quality of production makes them a favorable, if not preferred , resource for many resellers and Lodges across the United States and beyond.

We begin by offering you the best.  If a competitor offers you a cheaper price, they have offered you a cheaper product.  We, too can make cheap pins but don't openly advertise it.

We thank you for the opportunity to be of faithful service to you and your friends.  We dedicate ourselves to your satisfaction and will do everything in our power to make you look good,  REAL good!